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Q: Who goes on the Provisional Register?

A: All practitioners with foreign qualifications who have completed their internship either outside the country or inside the country at local teaching hospitals.

Q: Who goes on the Provisional Register of Foreign Trained interns?

A: Persons who undertake Medical/Dental training out of the country and wish to undertake structured orientation to prepare them to sit  and pass the Council  registration assessment.

Q: What are the requirements for registration to undertake an internship by a foreign trained candidate?


  1. Submission of 3 A’level passes in chemistry (mandatory), and any two A level science subjects in Biology, Physical Science and Mathematics

  2. Verification of the medical degree certificate (this applies for medical internship only)

  3. Payment of the appropriate fee check with website and submit the application for registration on the Foreign Register of Interns to undertake at orientation

  4. 2 months medicine, 2 months surgery 4weeks paediatrics and 4 weeks Obs& Gyn in a central hospital. see Policies and Guidelines

  5. Sitting and passing the Council registration assessment


Dental Interns  do six months orientation at the Government Dental Centre following registration on the Register of Foreign Trained Interns before sitting the Council registration assessment.

Q: Who goes on the Provisional Register?


  1. Foreign trained interns who have completed the prescribed local internship training in  the local  teaching central hospitals

  2. Foreign trained doctors who have completed internship out of the country approved by the Council for registration as medical/dental practitioners

  • Foreign trained doctors who have been working out of the country applying for registration for the first time with the Council.

  1. Foreign trained doctors whose provisional registration lapsed before transferring to the main register.

Q: Who goes on the Register of interns to undertake internship


  1. Foreign Trained doctors (medical or dental)  who have passed the Council registration assessments

  2. Locally qualified  persons who have passed the MBChB or MBBS  and BDS  from the local medical schools, currently University of Zimbabwe  Faculty of Medicine, NUST Medical School, Midlands State University, Medical School and Great Zimbabwe Simon Mazorodze Medical School. (See requirements for procedure for registration as an intern)

Q: Who goes on the main register


  1. Locally qualified medical or dental practitioners who have completed the prescribed internship training

  2. Locally trained doctors who have been working as medical or dental practitioners abroad.

  3. Foreign trained doctors who have been continuously practising in the country whilst on the  Provisional Register for a  period of three years.

  4. Locally trained doctors whose registration has lapsed and wish to re-register with the Council.

Q: How do I register with the council to undertake philanthropic work?


  1. You must FIRST get the approval of the Permanent Secretary for Health and Child Welfare before coming to Council

  2. You must engage a local medical/dental registered practitioner as the coordinator of the  philanthropic work who will coordinate the mission and facilitate the registration  process

  3. This must be any head of institution such as Clinical Director of a Central Hospital or medical superintendent of a District or Provincial hospital.

  4. PLEASE NOTE that philanthropic practice is ONLY undertaken in a government hospital.

  5. The Coordinator submits fully applications forms accompanied by a recent Certificate of Good Standing issued withing the last 3 months of submission of the application and fully  completed form, a detailed CV and the appropriate application fee.

Q: How long is the philanthropic registration

A: Our registration as a Philanthropic practitioner is for a determined period after which it expires re-registration. Should you come the same year you will only be required to submit a Certificate of Good Standing. Should you come the following year you will be required to undergo the same process you did on the initial application.

Q: How do I maintain my registration with the Council?

A: You need to pay your annual fees due on 31 December of each year see website for the fees  which are provided in the fee schedule on our website domain of fees of your profession.

Q: I lost my registration/practicing certificate, can I get another one ?

A: Yes, upon paying a replacement fee accompanied by an affidavit endorsed by a Commissioner of Oaths.

Q: As a foreigner , can I apply for an open licene to practice to undertake private practice

A: Only After five (5) years of continuous medical/dental practice and upon obtaining a permanent residence permit.

Q: Is it possible for me to remain on the register whilst working outside the country?

A: Yes, subject to annual payment of a retention fee on the schedule of fees

Q: How do I find out about the progress of my application for registration?

A: You can phone ,  visit Council or send an e-mail to:

Q: What are the procedures to be followed for me to open a surgery?


  1. You identify the premises

  2. Invite the City of Harare to inspect the premises,

  3. Submit a completed application form accompanied by two (2) passport sized photos

  4. Detailed Curriculum Vitae

  5. Copy of current unrestricted license to practice

  6. City Health report and the required application fee provided on the application form.

What do I do if I want to close my surgery?

Please inform council of your intention to close the surgery/practise and copy Health Professions Authority. Council is currently working on a policy on this issue.


Q: What is CPD

A: Continuous Professional Development.

Q: How do I get my CPD ACTIVITIES

A:  Present your activities to your respective professional association ( accreditor body) that is responsible for accrediting CPD activities such as Surgical Association, National Association of Physicians of Zimbabwe, College of Primary Care Physicians for general practitioners etc.

Q: Will I be allowed to practice without  CPD?

A: No, you will not be allowed to practise, continued practice is subject to submission of 50 points CPD by 30 September of each year by the respective professional association.

Q: Can I submit my CPD points in person

A: All CPD points are submitted through the professional associations.

Q: I am currently working in an academic setting , do I still have to comply with CPD?

A: Yes, since you need a license to practice.

Q:I am working abroad , do I have to comply with CPD ?

A: Yes, you have to submit your activities to your professional association or to Council if you are not a member. Council encouraged that you submit to your professional association. This will assist you to obtain a license to practice at the time you visit the country to practice.

Q: Is there a penalty for late submission of CPD points ?

A: Yes late submission of CPD points by a practitioners attracts a cumulative penalty of  equivalent to 50US a month and late submission by a provider ( professional association is 250US)


Q: How can I make a complaint against a doctor in Zimbabwe ?

A:  You make a written submission to the Registrar or visit the office of the Registrar to register your complaint or post your complain on Council website in the suggestion box.

Q: Will the doctor be aware that I have made a complaint about him/her?

A: Yes. If a complaint is received a copy of it is sent to the doctor for his response

Q: Do I need to instruct a lawyer if I wish to make a complaint ?

A: It is not necessary to instruct a Lawyer. However, Council will accept a complaint made on your behalf from  your Lawyer

Q: What is the appeal process if I am not happy with the decision of a disciplinary hearing?

A: It a party is aggrieved by a decision of Council or any of its Committee one can appeal to the Health Professions Authority in terms of the Section 22 of the Health Professions Act(Chapter 27/19) If still not satisfied, the aggrieved member may approach the Administrative Court,  then the High Court and then the Supreme Court if necessary.

Q: How do I find out about the progress of my complaint

 A: You can phone, visit Council or e-mail Council..

License to practice

Q: What are the requirements for me to do a private practice?

A: You are required to hold a valid unrestricted licence to practice issued by the Council.

Q: How do I get an unrestricted license to practice

A: refer to policy on the website


Q: IS advertising allowed ?

A: No. Any form of advertising is not allowed. The Council policy on advertising is available on the website.

Q: What is an additional qualification ?

A: Is an extra qualification attained by a practitioner to broaden one’s horizon in terms of skills. Some may warrant Specialist registration some not.

Q: How does one obtain a Certificate of Good Standing (CGS)?

A: Download a CGS disclaimer form from Council website or collect an application form from Council offices, complete it and have it signed by two senior practitioners with at least five (5) years’ experience and submit the form to Council accompanied by a prescribed fee on the form for processing

Q: Can I get a CGS when I have a pending disciplinary case ?

A: You will be given an endorsed CGS stating that details of your disciplinary case.

Q: How can I update my contact details ?

A: You can phone, visit Council or send an e-mail to